Having Trouble Getting to Work?

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I know I am not alone among my writer friends and colleagues who have a problem writing. This problem is what I call either the need to prime the pump or to get clear and free. You see, when my head is spinning with all sorts of things – to-dos, ideas, worries and other brain clutter, I can’t settle down enough to write. They spin and whip me into a frenzy that ties my muscles and brain cells into little knots. I have to calm down in order to move ahead – with anything. Likewise, if my physical space is chaotic, I have much the same problem. Only with this situation, it’s a glaring need to get it cleaned up and organized. It doesn’t necessarily have to be...

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Coincidence or a Lesson for Business?

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Do you ever feel like the universe is talking to you? I get that feeling when several things all happen to me in a relatively short period of time that are coincidentally connected. (Some people don’t believe in coincidence… do you?) Last week I was sick. In the past, that never really slowed me down – I just pushed through it. Not so good at that any more; figure it must be age catching up to me. Anyway, even though I am much better this week, I sat down at my desk on Monday feeling a little overwhelmed with everything.I sorted through it all and yes, there was a reason to feel overwhelmed; deadlines looming and more coming in. A good problem to have,...

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Finding the Joy in Small Business Stories Adjusts the Goggles

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I drove 100+ miles today to and from an interview for a story in a local publication. The fact is that I am probably paying to do this article, but you know what, there are some things I do just for the joy of doing them. Talking with small business owners who are excited about their businesses or community leaders who are seeing the fruits of all their labors fills my joy bucket. And today was one of those interviews when the interviewees smiled broadly the entire time and talked really, really fast because they were really, really excited and thrilled to be able to share their excitement. I am one of those people that put my nose to the grindstone and just keep going...

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Did you notice when it happened?

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My grandchildren spent the night recently and early in the morning I wandered into the bedrooms just to check on them. I guess those mothering instincts don’t ever really go away. Both of them were peacefully sleeping that sound, deep sleep. In the room with the big white metal bed my granddaughter nestled beneath a pile of blankets pulled up to her chin breathing softly. I tiptoed out to start a pot of coffee thankful to have little ones in the house again. Grandchildren remind me of so many things – my son growing up, the excitement of living and the thrill of learning – and just fun. It’s the simple and mundane moments that grab me by the chin...

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