Sherri Coner Book Signings: Planning, Organizing and Hosting, Oh My!

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We’ve been planning a couple of exciting events – and stressing. You know, it’s just like the holidays that are coming and every woman around knows what that means: cleaning house – over and over again decorating to make everywhere within eyeshot festive polishing the silver and serving pieces planning menus from drinks and appetizers to full-blown turkey and all the trimmings cooking all those yummy meals and to-die-for decadent desserts shopping for the food, the presents, the holiday attire wrapping all the presents and it’s not just for one day or event, it’s over and again. And, even if you aren’t hosting, you have all...

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Want to Build Your Brand? Part 2 – Think Opt-in on Your Website

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It’s really only been a few days, but things are starting to move on Sherri Coner’s website! Whitesides Words helped her create a website that includes a place to buy her books, and house her blog, Stories from the Other Side. We also added a feature to make it possible for her to do two things: 1. Stay in touch with her readers and provide exclusive content 2. Get out information about what’s new in her world How? Very simply, we created a registration opt-in. Readers and fans register with their name and e-mail and we add them to our electronic mailing list. The readers get first notice of News from Sherri Coner When it comes time to announce a new...

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Want to Build Your Brand? Part 1 – Think Facebook

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Sherri Coner is a client who is an author as you probably already know. Whitesides Words has published two of her women’s fiction books ( Loving Me(n) and Lies & Legacy: Frankie’s Story) on Kindle and print copies are also available at The third book, a wonderful novel called In a Moon Smile, is set to release on October 22. There’s lots of exciting things going on but one of the most exciting is that we set up a Facebook fan page for Sherri. Whitesides Words is helping Sherri build her brand and get her wonderful stories out into the hands of readers. We’re sharing her story with the world – and it’s pretty incredible...

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Can Blogs Really Make a Difference?

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Words and words in blogs are more far-reaching and have a greater impact than you might imagine.  Let me tell you a story about one of the blog posts I recently wrote about my experience at a pond class at Nature’s Choice in Brownsburg. If you read the post, you know I was excited about going and very impressed with the class and everything I learned. I took lots of pictures primarily to augment my own learning. I knew I would forget a lot of what I was taught before I started the project at my house. A week or so after the class, I stopped by Nature’s Choice to pick up some more rocks because I was creating my own version of the pond-less waterfall and I mentioned...

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Stories and Surprises Catch the Eye of the Public

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It’s always a surprise what I am going to see as I traverse Hendricks County. This time, I had to pull over to take some photos of this scene in Brownsburg:                           Several dirt track winged sprint teams were on their way from Kokomo, Ind. to Iowa and over-nighted at the Comfort Suites in the ‘burg. Of course, with a lot this big, it was perfect to work on the race cars, so they did. From February until late fall, these teams make their way back and forth across the nation. One of these teams was from Pennsylvania – and hadn’t been home in a long, long time. You...

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You must be an expert if you are a small business owner

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Want more media coverage for your small business? One of the best ways is to become an expert. “Who me? An expert?” you ask. Yes, absolutely you! You started your own business because you felt you could do something well enough to make a living, right? Well, if you are good enough to provide a product or service to actual paying customers, you must know enough about it to be an expert. Take, for example, Sammie Bracken, owner of Mr. Electric of Central Indiana. He provided (expert) advice for the Just ask column in the February, 2012 Angie’s List magazine. I don’t know the exact distribution of the magazine, but this particular publication goes to...

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