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Whitesides Words has Been Busy Publishing!

Posted by on Jan 22, 2013 in Blog, Business stories, News Release | 0 comments

It has really been a whirlwind the last couple of months! Whitesides Words published Sherri’s fourth novel, Forever the Willows late in December. It is a wonderful story that speaks to the heart of any woman who has ever faced the death of a dear friend. It provides comfort, levity and yes, even hope that all is not lost. It is available through Sherri or at We also had a huge download day on the Kindle version of Lies & Legacy: Frankie’s Story. More than 10,000 readers – almost 11,000, in fact, downloaded the book in a 24-hour period. The book signings in November were both a huge success. Everyone had fun and loved the three...

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How to capitalize on an article written about your business

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Recently, Whitesides Words wrote and distributed a news release for a small business owner. Within a couple of days, she got a call from a print publication – they wanted to feature her in an article in the paper. Great publicity – just what we hoped for! The paper came out and she clipped out a copy – but that doesn’t have to be the end of it. The paper also had an online version and that means there are more opportunities for additional publicity. Online articles offer long-term publicity opportunities Here at Whitesides Words we often include stories about local businesses in our blog. So, just like an online version of a print publication, an article...

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Lanie’s Letters is meant to put cheer and joy out in the world

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I recently launched a new adventure called Lanie’s Letters and I’ve been asked to explain why. Lanie’s Letters was developed because of a discovery I made – one that truly made a difference. You see, so many people I know are distressed – by challenging life situations like having to do more with less at work, strained personal finances, tension in relationships and the general despair we are bombarded with online and in the news every day. Secondly, I had many, many conversations with people who either didn’t know how to put into words what they felt or who lamented that those who were so important to them never said how they felt. As one single...

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Let Lanie’s Letters make sharing magical

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Get off your duff and say what you want, say what you mean and what you have to offer!! That was pretty much the message from an agitated John Jantsch in his blog post: Sell Me Something Damn It! He says there is nothing wrong with selling with integrity – being honest and forthright. He says there is a difference between “selling” and “selling your soul.” I think he has a great point – so today I will tell you about something new and wonderful from the people here at Whitesides Words: We have launched Lanie’s Letters and we know it will bring a smile to everyone it touches. We know writing down their thoughts and feelings is...

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