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Sparks is hot in Indy! Join the excitement!

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What a crazy, exhilarating ride it is to be involved in a new launch or start up. The enthusiasm is palpable and you just want to set all the “regular things” aside and jump in and make things happen. Lucky for me, my “regular things” often include new launches and exciting events. Three projects of note lately have made me think about the way I was viewing life. I’ll admit that my excitement level had waned and I was feeling a little stuck and mired down and while new and exciting also means challenging and demanding, it is really good for the soul on all levels. Let me tell you about one of them. Zapped! by Chris Reed It started with a re-connection with...

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Whitesides Words has Been Busy Publishing!

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It has really been a whirlwind the last couple of months! Whitesides Words published Sherri’s fourth novel, Forever the Willows late in December. It is a wonderful story that speaks to the heart of any woman who has ever faced the death of a dear friend. It provides comfort, levity and yes, even hope that all is not lost. It is available through Sherri or at We also had a huge download day on the Kindle version of Lies & Legacy: Frankie’s Story. More than 10,000 readers – almost 11,000, in fact, downloaded the book in a 24-hour period. The book signings in November were both a huge success. Everyone had fun and loved the three...

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Want to Build Your Brand? Part 1 – Think Facebook

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Sherri Coner is a client who is an author as you probably already know. Whitesides Words has published two of her women’s fiction books ( Loving Me(n) and Lies & Legacy: Frankie’s Story) on Kindle and print copies are also available at The third book, a wonderful novel called In a Moon Smile, is set to release on October 22. There’s lots of exciting things going on but one of the most exciting is that we set up a Facebook fan page for Sherri. Whitesides Words is helping Sherri build her brand and get her wonderful stories out into the hands of readers. We’re sharing her story with the world – and it’s pretty incredible...

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Partnerships Offer Innovation in Hendricks County Business

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In addition to the innovative cause marketing concept announced by Josh Laycock and Mike Schaefer called BOLO (that are Coupons for a Cause), another good friend has done something else that is worth shouting out – It’s called Tell ’em ’bout Me! Jack Klemeyer’s expertise is in coaching small business owners in growing their business – that’s why his company is called GYB Coaching (GYB stands for – wait for it – Grow Your Business). He is always talking about relationships and sales and how referrals from your customers are so very important in the growth of your business – or, for that matter, any...

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Sharing Stories Makes Us Feel Good at Whitesides Words

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You want to know the best part about being an entrepreneur and working for yourself? It’s when you get to really work hard to do something that makes a difference to someone else. You don’t have to justify the amount of time you spend on a project because in the bottom of your stomach you know you are devoting your time to something worthwhile. There have been several projects this week that have made me feel this way – the two highlights are: A press release about a partnership that is bringing together businesses and non-profits and customers in a way that makes the entire community a better place – Josh Laycock and Mike Schaefer delivered...

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Stories and Surprises Catch the Eye of the Public

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It’s always a surprise what I am going to see as I traverse Hendricks County. This time, I had to pull over to take some photos of this scene in Brownsburg:                           Several dirt track winged sprint teams were on their way from Kokomo, Ind. to Iowa and over-nighted at the Comfort Suites in the ‘burg. Of course, with a lot this big, it was perfect to work on the race cars, so they did. From February until late fall, these teams make their way back and forth across the nation. One of these teams was from Pennsylvania – and hadn’t been home in a long, long time. You...

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