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People drive business – in ways you might just not expect

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Over the last several months, I have interviewed quite a few business owners here in Hendricks and Morgan Counties. One of the comments I have heard from these Indiana entrepreneurs is about what drives them to pursue more business and success – and it might not be what you think. You might think it would be just the pursuit of money to finance their lifestyle – you’d be wrong. You might think it would be just to achieve a level of prominence in the community – you’d be wrong. You might think it would be just to satisfy a need to win in the competitive business arena – you’d be wrong. The thing that compelled these business...

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Embrace the unfairness – change the world, or at least your world

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You have probably already heard about Scott –  you know, the name tag guy. I admit being behind the curve – I am after all, of that “special age” that has a hard time keeping up with all the latest and greatest trends. That’s OK with me. I’m a firm believer that you get what you need when you need it because that’s when you’ll grasp it and appreciate it. Anyway, this guy is a hoot – and talk about prolific. Oh my. Going to his website means making a decision. Either you dive in the deep, deep well of the content he has available, or cut your losses and just start trying to keep up today. I jumped into the hole and...

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