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Brownsburg business teaches DIYers with a hands-on pond-building experience

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It’s a family joke that I love rocks and water. I don’t want to necessarily be IN the water, just near enough to see and hear it. I could spend hours on a beach – at the ocean, river, sea, stream or waterfall. Having a water feature at my house is about as close to bliss and serenity as I can hope for. So when I learned Nature’s Choice Landscape & Supply in Brownsburg was hosting a Build-A-Pond Day on April 21, my husband and I braved the cloudy, cold day to attend. (At one point, you could actually SEE your breath!) The class provided professional instruction on how to build a pond – complete with waterfall and filtration- for your...

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Connie Lawson speaks at HCPBWA meeting

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Only weeks after being sworn in as Indiana Secretary of State, Connie Lawson made time in her schedule to speak to the Hendricks County Professional Business Women’s Association (HCPBWA) on Tuesday, April 10. She briefly recounted the experiences that have led up to her recent appointment by Governor Mitch Daniels. About that appointment, she simply said that when your governor calls and asks you to do something, you do it if you want to help. She called it an honor. Stepping in as leader of a staff of 80 and an office of the state that has been the center of investigation and questions under Charlie White is a challenge she admits. However, Lawson says she has always...

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Book Review – Made to Stick

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If you want to understand why some ideas “stick” and others die on the vine, this is your lucky day. Ideas are like rocks and Made to Stick is the manual to show you how to polish those stones into glittering gems.  Granted, not every stone harbors a gem. Likewise, not every idea is the next great thing, however, if you think your idea has potential … Brothers Chip and Dan Heath pull together expert research and common, well-known examples to illustrate that research, which makes the book easy to read (and more enjoyable than many non-fiction books that are research-based). If you look closely, you’ll see that the book follows the principles the...

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