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Want to Build Your Brand? Part 2 – Think Opt-in on Your Website

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It’s really only been a few days, but things are starting to move on Sherri Coner’s website! Whitesides Words helped her create a website that includes a place to buy her books, and house her blog, Stories from the Other Side. We also added a feature to make it possible for her to do two things: 1. Stay in touch with her readers and provide exclusive content 2. Get out information about what’s new in her world How? Very simply, we created a registration opt-in. Readers and fans register with their name and e-mail and we add them to our electronic mailing list. The readers get first notice of News from Sherri Coner When it comes time to announce a new...

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Want to Build Your Brand? Part 1 – Think Facebook

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Sherri Coner is a client who is an author as you probably already know. Whitesides Words has published two of her women’s fiction books ( Loving Me(n) and Lies & Legacy: Frankie’s Story) on Kindle and print copies are also available at The third book, a wonderful novel called In a Moon Smile, is set to release on October 22. There’s lots of exciting things going on but one of the most exciting is that we set up a Facebook fan page for Sherri. Whitesides Words is helping Sherri build her brand and get her wonderful stories out into the hands of readers. We’re sharing her story with the world – and it’s pretty incredible...

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