4 reasons your small business needs to use news releases

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Have you seen that commercial featuring Dave? Dave is the mail guy, the tech support guy, the receptionist and the supply-buyer. In other words, Dave is a small business owner who wears every hat and sits at every desk in his business.

If you are a small business owner, you’re probably a Dave, too. You’re busy, really busy, doing what needs to be done to keep the business running:

  • lining up work,
  • doing the work,
  • networking to establish business contacts and partners,
  • ordering supplies, and
  • collecting payments and paying bills.

Every Dave is looking for a way to maximize time and efforts for the greatest results. One option can provide multiple results – sending out press releases. Here are four reasons why every small business should send out press releases as often as possible:

  1. For eyeballs in the marketplace. A news release puts your name and company in front of media outlets that are always looking for stories to share with readers. With lean staffs, print and online publications appreciate well-written and complete news releases that come across their desks or into their e-mail accounts. A news release can prompt an editor, reporter or blogger to contact you for an interview and voila! your business will be highlighted in front of a lot of eyeballs.
  2. For buzz on-line. News releases can be included on your website and distributed with a link in a tweet or on Facebook. When your friends and fans re-tweet or share, the news can spread far and wide quickly and, without cost! More people learn about what you do and your company brand.
  3. For potential strategic partnerships. What your business offers may be just what another business owner needs either as a sub-contracted service or affiliate. More and more businesses are partnering for mutual benefit and getting the word out about what you can do in a news release feeds the flame for possible partnerships.
  4. For brand-building. The more people hear about your business and what you do, the more often they will think of you when the need for your services or product arises. Keeping your name in the public eye builds your brand. Inform the public about what you do, your community involvement, the groups you support and the work you do in a news release. It can effectively illustrate what you stand for and your company values, which contribute to your corporate image.

News releases are a great way to reach a lot of people and get your business noticed. I’m sure Dave would approve.

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