You must be an expert if you are a small business owner

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Want more media coverage for your small business?

One of the best ways is to become an expert.

“Who me? An expert?” you ask.

Yes, absolutely you!

You started your own business because you felt you could do something well enough to make a living, right? Well, if you are good enough to provide a product or service to actual paying customers, you must know enough about it to be an expert.

Take, for example, Sammie Bracken, owner of Mr. Electric of Central Indiana. He provided (expert) advice for the Just ask column in the February, 2012 Angie’s List magazine.

I don’t know the exact distribution of the magazine, but this particular publication goes to every Angie’s List member in the Indianapolis area – and Indianapolis is where Angie’s List is headquartered – and has a big footprint. Do you think he has received some notice?

Speaking to groups is also a good way to develop a reputation as an expert. Community groups, schools, business organizations, libraries and church groups all seek speakers who can provide information or service information for members and participants. Audience members could be your link to your next customer or even a feature in a local publication.

Another option is to write articles for on-line article data bases like or Yes, the articles need to be focused, well-written and meet the site guidelines. However, sharing your expertise not only helps readers seeking information and advice, it builds your credibility as a knowledgeable source.

As your reputation grows, media may even begin to seek you out for interviews and to answer questions in articles for publication. You might even be asked to contribute to a book.

All this is not to just build up your ego (although your confidence will probably increase), it is to build up your business, too.

You have the knowledge and expertise to do a great job for your clients. Why not share it with the world and attract a little media attention? You might just gain a few more clients at the same time!

Just think about it


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