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If you want to understand why some ideas “stick” and others die on the vine, this is your lucky day. Ideas are like rocks and Made to Stick is the manual to show you how to polish those stones into glittering gems.  Granted, not every stone harbors a gem. Likewise, not every idea is the next great thing, however, if you think your idea has potential …

Made to Stick by Chip and Dan HeathBrothers Chip and Dan Heath pull together expert research and common, well-known examples to illustrate that research, which makes the book easy to read (and more enjoyable than many non-fiction books that are research-based). If you look closely, you’ll see that the book follows the principles the brothers outline to show you how it works.

More than just identifying ideas that are sticky, the book gives you the tools to really analyze your next great idea and then massage it to make it stickier – and potentially more successful. The authors say there are six principles inherent in a sticky idea. The acronym SUCCESs (ha!) outlines the principles:

S = Simple – keep the idea simple so everyone can understand and use it.

U = Unexpected – people remember when they are surprised.

C – Concrete – draw a picture in the mind of the audience or make the idea tangible.

C = Credible – back it up with data and with authority.

E = Emotion – make people care.

S = Stories – inspire your audience and provide examples.

s = Use what sticks – sometimes the unintended sticks and you have to use it!

Interestingly, this concept doesn’t apply just to marketing or a product. It can be an idea that drives every department and operation in an entire company as well.

So, read this book

  • if you are a business owner who wants to figure out how to align and motivate everyone in your organization.
  • if you have an idea for a product and you want to market it successfully.
  • if you have a service you think everyone needs.

There is a lot to digest in the book and it’s one of those that I find best to read a section, then ponder it for a few days. In fact, I began seeing some of the principles in play as I watched the media and businesses around me. I also saw how some ideas could have been made more memorable- stickier- if all the principles had been applied.

This is a book that you might just want to buy (and no, I get no benefit from telling you that), especially if you are a business owner. New ideas drive business and making them stick can make a huge difference on the bottom line. Having this book on your bookshelf, and using it, might just improve the odds for the success of your next big idea!

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