May is magical – at least for those who love racing

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May is always a whirlwind around our house – the very least is the wedding anniversary on day 1 (25 YEARS!!!!) because it is, after all, the month of Indy!!

Whitesides Words has been in garages, shops, pits, paddocks and tracks and it’s not over yet. Far flung friends and family have asked for photos so every day I am at IMS, I am posting photo albums on facebook. You are welcome to visit.

There is something really special about racers – like entrepreneurs, they just exude passion and excitement. I started the season with a piece about Ed Carpenter’s race car – it’s all wrapped up! Literally.

Then, while I was in the shop there, which is actually Derrick Walker’s race shop, I started thinking about the role Walker has these days. He’s managing two teams – in two different series. What a real challenge that must be. He was willing to share his thoughts with me. It’s a story of what is important to racers … he’s not alone.

Then the Jean Alesi story hit. I had already scheduled a visit with Chris Williams and Tyce Carlson, two of the co-owners of Fan Force United, to talk about how their team is bringing the first Indian driver, Armaan Ebrahim to the Firestone Indy Lights Series this year. This news just made it all the more compelling of a story. A new team, just getting started. Again, the passion of racers bubbles to the surface with this group who put in countless hours to get an Indy car team pulled together and a car prepped to carry F1 driver Jean Alesi onto track and qualified for the race.

Alesi isn’t the only one coming to Indy for the first time. In the Indy Lights series, local race car driver, Mike Larrison is joining forces with Belardi Auto Racing to be the third entry for the team in the Freedom 100. I got a chance to have a sit down with Larrison a couple of days before his debut in the Indy Lights series at IMS. His story is one that will delight other drivers in the ladder series.

May is the month of magic for so many racers – and that includes all of them bitten by the bug – drivers, mechanics, engineers, PR people, photographers, owners, writers – everyone – including the fans.

If you go to the Speedway this month for any of the activities or races or if you go out to Lucas Oil Raceway for the Night Before the 500, you might find you’re bitten by the racing bug, too. And, just like a mosquito bite, if you don’t scratch it often, you’ll be miserable!

Which just means you’ll have to get to the track, chat with the crews, follow and root for a driver and a team. They’ll be working really hard to win and make you proud, believe me!

Just think about it!


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