Can Blogs Really Make a Difference?

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Words and words in blogs are more far-reaching and have a greater impact than you might imagine.  Let me tell you a story about one of the blog posts I recently wrote about my experience at a pond class at Nature’s Choice in Brownsburg.

If you read the post, you know I was excited about going and very impressed with the class and everything I learned. I took lots of pictures primarily to augment my own learning. I knew I would forget a lot of what I was taught before I started the project at my house.

The blog post from Whitesides Words spread the good word about two businesses.A week or so after the class, I stopped by Nature’s Choice to pick up some more rocks because I was creating my own version of the pond-less waterfall and I mentioned I had written about the class on my blog. The man who helped me started telling me about this one blog they had found that was written by someone who had attended and he started quoting MY post! We laughed and he told me they had been printing it off and giving it to customers. I think that’s absolutely wonderful!

I talked to Chris Johnson, the owner of Nature’s Choice and he said, “It was a good summary of what went on from a customer’s point of view.” He also said that because it was written by a customer rather than the business, he thought more people would be apt to listen if they had a genuine interest in the topic.

Chris added that it got the word out to a lot of people who didn’t even know Nature’s Choice did this sort of thing. Now they know. In other words, news of his business has spread because of the post.

The benefits to Nature’s Choice aren’t the only good things to come from the post. Every time they handed out a copy of the post, Whitesides Words was at the top of the page. One business helping another, which is one of the great things here in Hendricks County. It happens simply because it’s the right thing.

However, that’s not all. I have recently been named one of the Digital Destination Experts for the Hendricks County Convention and Visitors Bureau blog, All Access Hendricks County. After talking to them, it sounds like this particular blog post was important to the decision to include me in the illustrious group. In other words, it had an impact on whether or not I was selected – a good impact!

So don’t think that blogs really can’t do much for your business, because they can. Just look what it’s done for my business and another local business that I frequent. To me, that’s exactly what it’s all about.

Just think about it


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