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You want to know the best part about being an entrepreneur and working for yourself?

It’s when you get to really work hard to do something that makes a difference to someone else. You don’t have to justify the amount of time you spend on a project because in the bottom of your stomach you know you are devoting your time to something worthwhile.

There have been several projects this week that have made me feel this way – the two highlights are:

  • A press release about a partnership that is bringing together businesses and non-profits and customers in a way that makes the entire community a better place – Josh Laycock and Mike Schaefer delivered Coupons for a Cause – the inaugural  BOLO direct mail marketing piece on July 24. Residents of Hendricks County get to save money with a wide variety of offers, businesses reach out to their customers and Sheltering Wings, the first not-for-profit to be featured, gets some publicity and a portion of the proceeds of the advertising sales.  It’s the way things get done in Hendricks County – a place where people work together so everyone benefits.
  •  My dear friend Sherri Coner has been a long-time popular writer and columnist here in the Indy-area. What some people may not realize is that she also writes fictional stories that make women laugh – and cry – and walk away with a message. Together, we published a collection of three stories called LOVING ME(N) on Kindle about two weeks ago. Just this week, actually, today, LOVING ME(N) became available in print. I’m so proud to have been a part of this project because it is a dream Sherri has had for a long time and we made it come true.

This is just the beginning for Sherri – and her readers – as more of her humor and heart will be coming in the near future as her second book, Lies and Legacy: Frankie’s Story, is in production.

I just love that everyone who already loves Sherri and her stories will be joined by new fans sure to join the fun wagon and read along. Most of all, I love having a part in bringing her talents and humor and heart to the rest of the world.

Everyone has a story – to tell or to share – and that’s why Whitesides Words is here.

Just think about it



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