Partnerships Offer Innovation in Hendricks County Business

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In addition to the innovative cause marketing concept announced by Josh Laycock and Mike Schaefer called BOLO (that are Coupons for a Cause), another good friend has done something else that is worth shouting out –

It’s called Tell ’em ’bout Me!

Jack Klemeyer’s expertise is in coaching small business owners in growing their business – that’s why his company is called GYB Coaching (GYB stands for – wait for it – Grow Your Business). He is always talking about relationships and sales and how referrals from your customers are so very important in the growth of your business – or, for that matter, any business.

Making referrals happen is often as difficult as getting testimonials to happen (Whitesides Words can help you get those testimonials done … just saying).

Matt Maudlin took Jack’s statements to heart and came up with a way to make it easy for people to refer friends and business associates to each other. When he introduced the idea for Tell ’em ’bout Me! to Jack, a new partnership was born because, well, Jack knew this could help a lot of people grow their business.

It is so simple and they’ve made it easy to find out about it, too, with a special report that explains it really well. The program gives you the buttons and forms and a way to track it all so you can see it’s working. Every time you send an e-mail or answer an e-mail, you provide an opportunity for a referral. The buttons can be placed on your website, LinkedIn account or on your iPhone or iPad. It’s easy to install because even I was successful in doing it.

Once set up, your customers just click, type in their friend’s name and contact information and Voila! everything else is automated. That’s it. Simple – and effective. Matt and Jack have beta tested it and the results have been very effective.

I love the idea and, yes, I signed up for Tell ’em ’bout Me! I am a paying customer – that means I’m not professing the benefits for anything other than believing in the product and thinking it can help others, too.

This is the sort of innovation and partnerships that are going to make business in Hendricks County and everywhere else buzz along and grow. I just love seeing it and being a part of it.

Check out what these small business people are doing. Follow their lead – innovate, partner and grow!

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