Want to Build Your Brand? Part 2 – Think Opt-in on Your Website

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It’s really only been a few days, but things are starting to move on Sherri Coner’s website! Whitesides Words helped her create a website that includes a place to buy her books, and house her blog, Stories from the Other Side. We also added a feature to make it possible for her to do two things:

1. Stay in touch with her readers and provide exclusive content

2. Get out information about what’s new in her world

How? Very simply, we created a registration opt-in. Readers and fans register with their name and e-mail and we add them to our electronic mailing list.

The readers get first notice of News from Sherri Coner

When it comes time to announce a new book or book signing event, we simply send out an email to everyone on the list. That makes it really easy to stay in touch and let everyone know what’s happening with Sherri. This is a place to provide special deals and exclusive announcements to loyal followers.

The possibilities are endless for marketing new products, but also for communicating and keeping the regular touches in process.

As owner of the opt-in list, you control how much information and the frequency of the information that is sent. If you want a regular email note sent weekly, you can do that. If you want a monthly, you can do that. If you want to communicate only when something special is happening, you can do that.

The readers benefit right away with a valuable free download

The part about the whole subscription opt-in that Sherri really likes is that when readers register, she can give them a little bit of her humor and stories for free – right now, it’s a portion of chapter 1 of her upcoming book, In a Moon Smile. She has also already prepared some other short stories to share later.

Yes, she wants people to buy her books, but she wants them to love her stories and share them with their friends, too. Writing books and stories and articles is her contribution to the world. It makes someone’s day a little happier, a little more fun – and we all can use a little of that.

So, consider an opt-in subscription or registration option on your website. Encourage visitors to participate by providing a free download in which you share your expertise and that will be a benefit for them.  If you need help with that, Whitesides Words can help. Give us a call.

In the meantime, take a minute and visit Sherri’s website – sign up and get the free download – share it with a friend. Everyone, especially Sherri, will be happy you did!

You can do it for your business, too.

Just think about it



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