Did you notice when it happened?

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My grandchildren spent the night recently and early in the morning I wandered into the bedrooms just to check on them. I guess those mothering instincts don’t ever really go away. Both of them were peacefully sleeping that sound, deep sleep. In the room with the big white metal bed my granddaughter nestled beneath a pile of blankets pulled up to her chin breathing softly.

I tiptoed out to start a pot of coffee thankful to have little ones in the house again. Grandchildren remind me of so many things – my son growing up, the excitement of living and the thrill of learning – and just fun. It’s the simple and mundane moments that grab me by the chin and say, “Listen, watch and take note!”

Having achieved at least a certain level of  physiological adulthood, I can’t sleep all snuggled down into the blankets any more. I just get too hot. I flip the blankets on and off constantly in manic attempts to regulate a comfortable body temperature. I really miss being able to roll up in a big fluffy blanket and feel toasty and tranquil. When did that stop being a part of my daily life? I know I just took it for granted and now, well, it’s gone. I miss it and didn’t realize just how much until I saw her and remembered what that felt like.

That thought has stayed at the back of my mind all week. It called to my attention how things evolve – in the world, in life, even in our businesses. It also made me realize that some evolutions we let happen are not necessarily the best things for us.

We take some of the things that make us feel good – and comfortable – and secure – for granted. And they slip away without our realizing it. I saw examples of that all over the place this week, especially in my fellow business owners.

Think of your business. Do you still love it – every day? Do you still get up eager to face new challenges and grab onto new opportunities? If not, why not? If it’s that you are bogged down with all the tasks and routines that require doing, you’re not alone. We all take on the “everything to everyone” role. But consider this:

Off-loading and outsourcing can be a way to retrieve that excitement of doing what you love. Let someone else take care of all those things you don’t like or find are outside your skill set. Free up your time and energy to build and love your livelihood like you used to.

Chances are you can do that because, unlike the constraints of my broken personal thermostat, it is still an unfettered option. Maybe you miss loving your work – and just didn’t realize how much.

Just think about it


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