Finding the Joy in Small Business Stories Adjusts the Goggles

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I drove 100+ miles today to and from an interview for a story in a local publication. The fact is that I am probably paying to do this article, but you know what, there are some things I do just for the joy of doing them.

Talking with small business owners who are excited about their businesses or community leaders who are seeing the fruits of all their labors fills my joy bucket. And today was one of those interviews when the interviewees smiled broadly the entire time and talked really, really fast because they were really, really excited and thrilled to be able to share their excitement.

I am one of those people that put my nose to the grindstone and just keep going and going. I should really liken that to being underwater – you have to come up once in a while for a breath and to see the larger, brighter and potential of the big picture. That’s what these interviews force me to do – come up and readjust the goggles.

It makes me wonder what others do to get perspective back in focus. I really don’t think it matters what it is – as long as it shakes away the dust and opens your eyes. But the thing is, it has to open your eyes to the positive and opportunities and general generosity of the universe – not to the worries and fears we tend to carry like a 5-pound sack of potatoes.

The last 6 weeks have seen some big things to worry about:

  • pregnancy issues before the birth of new granddaughter, Myra Faith. (Both mother and daughter are doing well now!)
  • Sherri’s diagnosis of breast cancer

But when you find a little bit of joy, in the moment when you catch your breath, you somehow replenish the spirit so you can face the challenges and the deadlines and the painful moments.

So as you lay in bed in the morning ask yourself what you can do for a few minutes or hours that will bring you joy? And don’t you deserve it – and need it.

Just think about it




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