Coincidence or a Lesson for Business?

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Do you ever feel like the universe is talking to you? I get that feeling when several things all happen to me in a relatively short period of time that are coincidentally connected. (Some people don’t believe in coincidence… do you?)

Last week I was sick. In the past, that never really slowed me down – I just pushed through it. Not so good at that any more; figure it must be age catching up to me. Anyway, even though I am much better this week, I sat down at my desk on Monday feeling a little overwhelmed with everything.I sorted through it all and yes, there was a reason to feel overwhelmed; deadlines looming and more coming in. A good problem to have, yet, it is a problem to manage.

I stumbled across a video titled, What every successful person does every day. I didn’t watch it – because I knew that some of the things they don’t do is watch videos, TV and waste time on social media. Plus, the piles on my desk were growing. But the idea stuck in my head making me ask, “What should I be doing that I am not and what am I doing that I shouldn’t be?”

Then there was a video shared by Sheryl Stine Sackett-Francik on Facebook that I did watch. Let’s just call it jelly beans. Guilty of wasting time on Facebook, it made me stop and realize how much time I really waste – doing things that I don’t have to or tasks I don’t like to do (on top of lost time on facebook).

As small business owners and entrepreneurs, I hear all the time how much we all like to do everything in the business. It’s a point of pride for some. But the thing is, when we do everything, we don’t have time to do the big things that really matter. In fact, how often do you feel like a gerbil on that wheel – running, running, running and never making much headway.

I can say that I put my head down and crank out some good quality work and I am proud of that. But when I spend hours doing the little things that have to be done in every business, I can’t devote that time to good, quality work production or big creative thinking, planning and implementing growth strategies.

Doesn’t it make sense to share the load so people do the things they are good at? For me it’s faster and easier and in the end, it GETS DONE.

So is being proud of “doing everything” really something to be proud of or an indication of ignorant time-wasting? And are we fooling ourselves?

Today I talked to several people about offloading and outsourcing. And you know what, within the time for a few conversations and a few agreements, my load feels lighter. I still have deadlines. I still will make sure everything that comes out of Whitesides Words is quality, but I realize I don’t have to do it all, all the time. And you know what, you don’t either.

Just think about it






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