5 Steps to Writing a Great Testimonial

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The other day I heard a colleague on the phone with a service provider. They had been working on a project that I know both sides of that phone call felt had been the definition of forever pulling teeth from a wild boar.

It had been painful. In that final call, I heard my colleague thank the vendor and then he said something that caught me by surprise. He said, “You have been so patient and helpful through this whole project. I thank you so much for that and I am going to write up a testimonial right away and send it to you.”

Now, if you are a small business owner, you know people might appreciate your work or what you have done for them, but you don’t often have someone OFFER a testimonial. You usually have to ask for one and then re-ask before you get it – if you get it.

I truly believe that your customers probably want to give you a testimonial, but they don’t know exactly what to say or how to put a testimonial together.

Writing a testimonial is not difficult – if you have a format or structure to follow. So here you go:

5 Steps to Writing a Great Testimonial

  1. Be specific about the service or product provided
  2. Be specific about how the service or product was delivered
  3. Make two or three specific compliments about the way things were handled by the business.
  4. Say you would recommend them to others or would use their service again.
  5. Sign with your full name

It’s always appreciated if you include an authorization for use of the testimonial for marketing and references in your note with the testimonial.

Here are some samples to give you the idea:

Testimonial Example 1:

Big Tech created a website that included an online store for Suzy’s Dog Biscuits. From the first meeting where we developed a site plan and action timetable to the delivery of the final site, the developer, Fred, met every deadline on time, provided a range of options when I had to make choices and was always patient when I had questions. The website looks great and the store and e-commerce process behind it works like a charm. I will definitely call Big Tech when it is time to update my site and would feel good about recommending their services to any other business owner.

-Suzy Business Owner, Suzy’s Dog Biscuits

Testimonial Example 2:

Big Paper Printer printed brochures, programs and manuals for a workshop I present. The quality of the printing was excellent. Originally I had 125 people attending, but at the last minute I had to up the number to 180. I thought that would be a problem, but the staff at Big Paper Printer went above and beyond to print the materials and even helped get them put together in time for the workshop. I was impressed with the way the staff just heard the problem and then jumped in to solve it without making me feel like I was a burden. They are real professionals – in both products and service. There is no other printer I will be using in the future and I would recommend their services to everyone.

Theo Good, Gold Coaching

Testimonial Example 3:

Tall Wrench came into my home to fix a leaky sink. The technician, Chris, provided identification at the door and would not enter the house until he put booties over his shoes. He figured out where the leak was quickly and then brought in all the tools, supplies and parts he needed to fix it. He cleaned up the area so you couldn’t even tell anyone had been there to make a repair. I really appreciated that Tall Wrench was on time and treated me and my home with respect. You can bet I will call them again if I need a plumber.

Amelia Front, homeowner

It’s not quite as easy as 1, 2, 3, but it’s not much more difficult. Take five minutes to draft a testimonial and share the strategy. You might just a few back for yourself!



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