Sparks is hot in Indy! Join the excitement!

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What a crazy, exhilarating ride it is to be involved in a new launch or start up. The enthusiasm is palpable and you just want to set all the “regular things” aside and jump in and make things happen.

Lucky for me, my “regular things” often include new launches and exciting events. Three projects of note lately have made me think about the way I was viewing life. I’ll admit that my excitement level had waned and I was feeling a little stuck and mired down and while new and exciting also means challenging and demanding, it is really good for the soul on all levels. Let me tell you about one of them.

Zapped! by Chris Reed

Chris Reed. (He doesn't like this pic, but I like the sparkle in his eye and that s&*t-eating grin.)

Chris Reed. (He doesn't like this pic, but I like the sparkle in his eye and that s&*t-eating grin.)

It started with a re-connection with Chris Reed. I’d not talked with Chris for quite some time and in reality, we were just strangers passing at networking events. But with our discussion about helping him get the word out about Sparks, I saw Chris in an entirely new light. He has changed and he plopped his authentic self down on the table and I was so excited by what I saw.

He is a man on a mission with Sparks events (which, in itself, is a fabulous idea) and his purpose has authentic giving behind it. Connect people, give them something positive and inspirational at every gathering and thereby create community, collaboration. The perfect “we are all in this together and let’s make things happen” platform. Or at least the place to develop the platforms that are really the people there who meet and build them.

Sparks events - comfortable, fun and uplifting!Attended by hundreds each month and touted by each, we can all talk until we are blue about it. But, in reality, Sparks HAS TO BE EXPERIENCED to truly be understood and really be appreciated. So, on the third Wednesday of each month, take a chance to change something in your life (yes, I dare say life) and go to a Sparks event. There’s always a surprise element because you never know who will speak and what you’ll hear – but I can assure you, it will be worth it. (Watch some past speakers and register at

You can’t stop a man on a mission – and Sparks are flying!

www.Sparkstalk.comAs I said before, Chris is on a mission. He knows Sparks is a good thing and he wants to take it nationwide – connecting people and ideas from state to state to state in cities where people are busy doing business. He has collaborated with Eleven Fifty Coding Academy and Scott A. Jones to develop the Sparks Mobile Connector App (iphone app is available at iTunes for free (right now – don’t delay!). The plan is for the Android version to be made available at the July 8 event. It’s a remarkable app that is poised to be the hub of your herd, your tribe, your network and again, I dare say, life!

Go ahead, get on the bandwagon for something new and exciting. It will bleed over into how you face your business and motivate you to press on and make waves! Get your own personal spark at Sparks! You might actually feel you’ve been shocked into life again!!



P.S. No, this is in no way a paid advertisement or anything at all like that. I just think Chris and this fabulous idea deserve to be known – and every small business owner and professional needs to have the opportunity to participate in it. I am proud to have a (very) little part in Chris’s vision for Sparks. 🙂

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