Putting in Time with New Apps

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In the last few weeks I have picked up three new apps to help me be more productive and organized. (Isn’t that how it all starts?)

Open a new app and you never REALLY know what you're getting...Now I know that I could probably find one app that would do the work of both Trello and One Note, but I use them for different reasons – or at least I have figured out that I should use them for different reasons.

Trello has been grand for organizing all the projects I have pending for different clients and also to help me create processes and checklists for projects that are repeated. I created a template for each phase of a project and then refined it as I passed through the project. By the end, I had a procedure and a checklist that I could use to replicate the project and also to train others to complete a like project on their own.

I also like that I can assign due dates to steps and see if I am in step with the timetable set to finish by the deadline. It’s a good visual on the power up calendar.

One Note has become the place where all the notes, files, links, etc. having to do with a project can stay together. I like that I can keep notes from weekly meetings and refer back to them as needed. Now, I know it’s possible to share those notes with others, but I have to figure out how to do it.

The last tool I have picked up to try is Coschedule. Can’t say if I am thrilled about it yet because I just opened it. It’s purpose is to streamline the blog and social media management. I am pretty good about sharing with my friends and fans when I see things that I think others would like or benefit from, but I am not strategic about any of my own sharing. My clients, yes. My stuff, not so much.

I guess I am old school in that I believe we have to try something and give it some time and attention before we can decide if it fits our needs. And when you go to these app websites, it’s hard to tell how it really works. So, I’m just going for it and maybe in a few months, I’ll be telling you to get get it for yourself – or not.

We’ll see.

Let me know if you are using any apps that you love. I figure if we all share, then we aren’t going into some of these trials blind.




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