A little literary magic

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I read a novel a few years ago that I both loved and despised. How can that be?

Clear and informative writing can be beautiful, too.

Well, the language was beautiful. The way the words were strung together was lyrical. I found myself reading sentences aloud just to hear them tripping off the tongue.

But the problem with the book was that the story being told was trite and boring. It was about as exciting as watching paint dry. I have to admit it was a good book to read before bed. However, I wanted all the beautiful words to make the story magical – or enticing – or give it some life. Failing that, it went on and on, never once drawing me in and forcing me to read into the wee hours.

The purpose of words is to communicate. As evidenced by this novel, someone can write pages of lovely passages, but if there isn’t a purposeful idea behind those words, well, it just won’t matter in the least to any reader.

Content is of utmost importance, but when conveyed through artfully sequenced words, it can be fun, inspirational and beautiful, too. That’s what writers strive to create – a little touch of magic to convey a meaningful message.

Just think about it.


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