Constipated Conversation

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Does content really matter?

I just finished Loretta Laroche’s 2001 book, Life is Not a Stress Rehearsal. She takes a humorous look at the absurdity of life in America at 2001 – and how it relates to the stress levels we feel. (Guess why I picked this book up off the library shelves …) In between all the Duh! and giggles is a nugget of truth – which is where the humor comes from, sadly.

One topic she splits wide open is conversation – and it’s messy and sticky like a cracked and bleeding watermelon. There it is – splayed wide open with tempting juicy fruit and we’re afraid to eat it because it’s a mess – just like the state of conversation today.

She contends conversation has been reduced to talking about:

  • Things you eat
  • Things you don’t eat
  • What you drink
  • What you won’t drink
  • How tired you are
  • When you go to sleep
  • How much exercise you get
  • How much fiber you eat
  • How hard you work
  • How much weight you lost (or gained)
  • What your cholesterol count is
  • What vitamin supplements you take

Then she suggests – rather forcefully – and I quote here:


She says no one cares what you say when you pepper your conversation – or dominate the conversation – with these things. Do you cherish or remember conversations you’ve been in with others that revolve around these topics?


Look back at the list – then think back, how many times in the last week have you heard – or said – them in conversations you’ve had?

Oh, Loretta – insightful Loretta – She would bellow:

“JUST SHUT UP! No one wants to know or hear about this!”

Of course, she’s correct, but do we listen? No. Instead of talking about the amazing things we see and do and the interesting people we meet, we talk about vitamin D, oatmeal and lament our exhaustion, overwork and lack of exercise. Even if we keep our bodies, well, moving, we constipate our conversation.

And no one wants to hear it so they quit listening.

Does content – what you say – really matter? Oh, yes, very much so – at least if you want anyone to listen.

Just think about it.


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