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Loretta LaRoche’s book, Life is Not a Stress Rehearsal, has truly been fodder for thought.

It was so funny – and so real – that I even read long portions to my husband as we lay in bed at night. I just had to share it with him. Not so much to enlighten him, but to share evidence that someone else thinks like he does!

Yes, he’s wonderful and smart and funny – but don’t tell him that, OK? I wanted to just let him know, “Hey, now I get some of what you’ve been saying.”

So much of what she covers has to do with communication. She comically weaves around it but when she’s done with the basket – it holds all the communication issues between genders, between business and consumers – really, between everyone.

Her take is not positive on media, marketing or corporate manipulation of the public for monetary gain – for profit. She sees it all as adding to stress and pressure the every-day person just doesn’t need.

And although she doesn’t relate it to small business specifically, the message is clear to me.

What you say and how you say it not only represents your business, it must be compelling enough to warrant the attention of the market you want to reach.

It must be:

  • Grammatically correct – to project professionalism
  • Error free – no typos that reflect carelessness
  • Clear in its message so the reader is not confused
  • Useful information that meets a need or perceived need
  • Complete with details and contact information

Or, to put it all together, I like to say –

Content must be clear, consistent, complete and correct.

 If what you send out to your prospects does not meet those criteria, you may be losing business – and not just for today. That loss ripples out as recommendations and referrals go to your competitors.

What you say – your content – makes a difference.


Just think about it.


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