Positive words create a warm feeling for you and your business

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Focusing on the positive - and sharing it with others - has benefits beyond a single conversation.

One of the things I like about Dan Rockwell’s Leadership Freak blog is that he is just so darn positive – and that he encourages others to be positive with words and his actions.

He put forth a challenge called the 4 to 1 Challenge. He explains that for every one negative, four positives should be given as well. Whether you accept that philosphy or the bucket theory (How Full is Your Bucket?) or any other ideology for personal and professional interactions, I don’t think it really matters. We all KNOW that it feels better to hear positives than negatives and we spend a great deal of time and energy listening for them.

When heard, we get a good feeling, a warm glow inside. I know there are scientists who have proven that there are chemical changes inside us to account for that. It just makes sense to share the opportunity for those good feelings – spread the sunshine as it were. It just makes your world more pleasant.

That world encompasses your personal life and your professional life. Wouldn’t it be nice to carry that happy glow through home and work? To have happy conversations and work with others to solve problems and reduce or eliminate the grating complaints and finger pointing is enough of an impetus for me.

Consider this whole idea the next time you write an e-mail or a piece of copy for your business. If positives generate such good feelings, shouldn’t those be sprinkled liberally in your written communications? Good feelings – better business. The potential is huge!

The caveat, of course, is that positives be sincere and authentic – shallow flattery or pie-in-the-sky flowery words just won’t ring true and will be counterproductive.

Rockwell says it takes practice and feels odd in the beginning for many people – but that it is worth the effort. I think that would be the case for both the giver and the recipient – much like smiles beget smiles.

My start is to concentrate on eliminating certain words in my writing – no, not and but. I’m going to concentrate on what works well, makes me feel proud and warm and moves me, and those around me, forward. That fits right in with the philosophy I have for Whitesides Words. Use words to make the world a better place.

Just think about it.


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