A little bit of queso makes this customer happy!

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I sneaked out of my Hendricks County office late this afternoon – around 4 – to get some bruncher (you know, breakfast+lunch+dinner) because I hadn’t eaten anything all day. As unusual as it was, I left without my computer. For anyone who knows me, that’s a rare event, however, I figured I’d have a nice relaxing salad and just let the spinning in my head slow a bit.

That lasted long enough for me to get out of the line, fill a cup with ice and unsweetened tea and sit down at a corner table. Immediately I wanted to write and share what happened. No computer – I am reduced to pen (not even my signature Pentel mechanical pencil) and paper – which is frustratingly slow.

So I made notes, slammed through the salad and raced right on back to the computer.

Here’s the story:

I had gone into Qdoba at the corner of Raceway and Rockville Road in Avon (Indiana). Even though I longed for the rice-and-bean-filled burrito that’s as big as my head, I opted for the chicken taco salad. I really wanted chips and queso, too. But trying to stick with the prescribed diet (I know, what was I doing at Qdoba in the first place) I was fluttering between “Oh, I really do want some queso” and “No, a tub of queso is not what you should be eating.”

I just wanted a little queso in my life!

That’s when it happened – Lydia, the young lady behind the counter started talking to me. I explained the dietary dilemma and how I just didn’t think a tub of queso was what the doctor would approve of as a side dish. Now, whether she consciously intended to save a sale – or was just a like-minded soul trying to help a sister out – I don’t know, but what she did next did, indeed, convince me to spend the extra couple of dollars for chips and queso.

She told me that even though it’s not on the big menu over head, they do offer a much smaller cup of queso (and she held it up) adding, “and it’s cheaper, too! About half the price.”

You know what I did – yes, chips AND queso came to my table.

Lydia did what every business owner wants their employees to do – she made a customer not only spend more money, but do it with warm happy feelings that will probably steer my car their way again. Kudos to Lydia – I’m sure I’m not the only customer she has touched for this business.

Just think about it



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