Let Lanie’s Letters make sharing magical

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Get off your duff and say what you want, say what you mean and what you have to offer!!

That was pretty much the message from an agitated John Jantsch in his blog post: Sell Me Something Damn It!

  • He says there is nothing wrong with selling with integrity – being honest and forthright.
  • He says there is a difference between “selling” and “selling your soul.”

I think he has a great point – so today I will tell you about something new and wonderful from the people here at Whitesides Words:

We have launched Lanie’s Letters and we know it will bring a smile to everyone it touches.

We know writing down their thoughts and feelings is scary for some people. Their hearts start to race and the sweat breaks out in beads on their foreheads. They

  • chew on their pencils,
  • get more coffee,
  • fiddle with the paper,
  • hem and haw,
  • play a computer game,
  • make a call,
  • go to the bathroom,
  • whatever it takes to avoid putting pencil to paper and words on the sheet or screen.

So what? Who cares?

Well, everyone should. You see, words never get shared and that means feelings don’t either – and then time passes and the opportunity is gone.

  • Your spouse never hears the reasons he or she is the most important person in your life – AND WHY.
  • Your fiance never hears how you struggled to buy the best and most beautiful ring to slip on her finger or how much thought you put into that special moment – AND WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU.
  • Your best friend doesn’t know how much you rely on her good sense of style or appreciate the way she keeps you grounded – AND HOW SPECIAL SHE IS.
  • Your neighbor or co-worker doesn’t know how sorry you are to hear of the illness or death of someone close to them – AND THAT YOU CARE.

Not knowing what we think are the perfect words to say, we say nothing. And what is gained by that? Nothing.

You know what they say about roads paved with good intentions. Good intentions are only known to the intender – actions and expressions let it be known to all – or at least to the ones who are most important to us.

What is Lanie’s Letters doing to fix that?

We give you a questionnaire and let you say – in whatever words you have – the feelings and thoughts you want to share. We then take those thoughts and feelings and transform them into a beautiful, eloquent letter.

We don’t say you have written it – we say we have shared what was in your heart – because that is what the letter is composed of – what you feel in your heart.

We’re proud the response has been phenomenal to every letter we’ve produced – for both the recipients and the givers.

We know that everyone could use a little more happiness and magic in their lives, especially right now – and a Lanie’s Letter can provide the spark!

Visit Lanie’s Letters at www.LaniesLetters.com

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