Lanie’s Letters is meant to put cheer and joy out in the world

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I recently launched a new adventure called Lanie’s Letters and I’ve been asked to explain why.

Lanie’s Letters was developed because of a discovery I made – one that truly made a difference.

You see, so many people I know are distressed – by challenging life situations like having to do more with less at work, strained personal finances, tension in relationships and the general despair we are bombarded with online and in the news every day.

Secondly, I had many, many conversations with people who either didn’t know how to put into words what they felt or who lamented that those who were so important to them never said how they felt.

As one single person, I felt compelled to do SOMETHING – but I wasn’t sure what I could do to change any of these situations. All I have is my words – which I now realize is one of the most powerful things to have.

I gave a few people the opportunity to share their feelings and thoughts and then I took those and crafted a letter – a letter filled with love – and they gave it to the person who meant so much to them. This single effort created such happiness and joy, that I was amazed.

One person I wrote for said later that if his friend had shared his heart in a letter like this, it may have saved his marriage which had ended in a divorce just a few months earlier.

Whether or not that is really true, I don’t know. What I do know, though, is that expressing what is in your heart opens up communication and answers unknowns that dangle out there between people.

I know because another person said his wife told him she didn’t realize how he felt about her – she just wasn’t sure – because he didn’t ever say it. That goes to show that the statement I hear, “she knows I love her” is not always true – and I have to ask, “How do you KNOW she KNOWS?” There is a difference between believing something is true and KNOWING it is true.

The purpose of Lanie’s Letters is to bring some cheer and joy back into life and people’s relationships. It’s just my way of putting something happy back out into the world – making life more pleasant and easier to bear.

We could all use some of that – or at least I think we could.

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