Communicating with your customers and future customers is critical. Whichever strategy or form you choose to do that, we can help you create a message that is clear, complete and consistent. Our goal is to tell your story as a business, as an organization and as a person.

Consider some of the following services to start a conversation with your audience. Go ahead, it’s time to share your story.

Editing: You have specific ideas and information but don’t feel your writing skills are “good enough?” We can help you polish it up and make you proud to send it out.

Press Releases: Share your news and success, because you know, success breeds success. Every organization has news: new hires; new products; milestones; achievements, recognitions and awards; big contracts, new partnerships; changing or opening new locations.

Blogging: We know the commitment blogging takes in time and dedication. Consistent posting is critical and missing post deadlines can be detrimental to your results. We hear it all the time: “I can blog. It’s casual, you know, just sharing with the masses.” Do you have time?

Articles: Build credibility as an expert in your field. Articles can be for print publications or for online article directories like They’re also great for links to your website.

Advertorials: Advertorials look like an article written about your business instead of an advertisement, telling your story and giving you the opportunity to touch new prospects. Instead of just an ad in print publications, let us help you create an advertorial.

Web Site Copy: If traffic is growing but sales aren’t, it might be time to tune up your website content. Do visitors to your website get to know your organization and find the information they need to decide you are the perfect fit for them?

Testimonials: Your business earns them and they tell prospective clients more than any brochure. You provide the names of people who agree to provide testimonials, we interview them and compose clear, concise and accurate quotes, ready to use!

E-books: We can help you create an e-book. Share your knowledge and story with your customers and prospective customers.

Workshop and Seminar materials: Handouts and information packages are the heart in every workshop. It’s how people remember you and your workshop. We can help you prepare materials that participants will keep and use.

Whatever writing or editing services you need, our merry band of writers and editors can help. Your current and prospective customers need to hear your story.

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