Our Purpose

Words are nothing more than letters strung together in a specific order. Seemingly insignificant, words can wield great power in all realms of life, business and society. But crafting the words into the sentences and paragraphs to harness that power takes a special hand.

It is not simply what is said, but how it is said that creates the image, the meaning; the tone of the message. Evoking a feel, an emotion and a response is the key to great writing. And great writing is what Whitesides Words is all about.

What is the message you wish to communicate to the world? Whitesides Words can help you achieve that goal with flair.

Founded by Elaine Whitesides, Whitesides Words brings together talented people to provide just the expertise and skills you need to communicate with your customers – however you want to do that.

Excellence is not a suggestion here, it is a requirement.

If you have an idea, we have the capacity to make it happen – in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost.