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Did you notice when it happened?

Posted by on Jul 14, 2013 in Thoughts | 0 comments

My grandchildren spent the night recently and early in the morning I wandered into the bedrooms just to check on them. I guess those mothering instincts don’t ever really go away. Both of them were peacefully sleeping that sound, deep sleep. In the room with the big white metal bed my granddaughter nestled beneath a pile of blankets pulled up to her chin breathing softly. I tiptoed out to start a pot of coffee thankful to have little ones in the house again. Grandchildren remind me of so many things – my son growing up, the excitement of living and the thrill of learning – and just fun. It’s the simple and mundane moments that grab me by the chin...

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A little bit of queso makes this customer happy!

Posted by on Sep 26, 2011 in Blog, Community & Relationships, Marketing | 0 comments

I sneaked out of my Hendricks County office late this afternoon – around 4 – to get some bruncher (you know, breakfast+lunch+dinner) because I hadn’t eaten anything all day. As unusual as it was, I left without my computer. For anyone who knows me, that’s a rare event, however, I figured I’d have a nice relaxing salad and just let the spinning in my head slow a bit. That lasted long enough for me to get out of the line, fill a cup with ice and unsweetened tea and sit down at a corner table. Immediately I wanted to write and share what happened. No computer – I am reduced to pen (not even my signature Pentel mechanical pencil) and paper...

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